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Our goal is to get you the highest price possible for your home while paying the least amount of commission to do it. We aren’t listed in the MLS as a limited service company like other firms that charge for their platform or a flat fee which might limit your exposure. Lower exposure means lower price! We also don’t have upfront fees which also lowers exposure.  

Fees differ from firm to firm. Below represents the typical commission.

Traditional Agent ShopProp
3% Listing Agent Commission + 3% Selling Office Commission FEE + * Selling Office Commission =commission paid to the agent representing the buyer. Dual Agency means we are representing the buyer and seller.
Price of Your Home Selling office commission is typically 3% in WA and 2.5% in CA Savings with ShopProp
$200,000 $12,000 $2,995 + SOC $6,000

If ShopProp Acts as dual agent



$400,000 $24,000 $2,995+ SOC $12,000

If ShopProp Acts as dual agent



$500,000 $30,000 $2,995 + SOC $15,000

If ShopProp Acts as dual agent



$600,000 $36,000 $2,995 + SOC $18,000

If ShopProp Acts as dual agent



$800,000 $48,000 $2,995 + SOC $24,000

If ShopProp Acts as dual agent



$1,000,000 $60,000 $2,995 + SOC $30,000

If ShopProp Acts as dual agent



Selling Office Commission (SOC) in CA is typically 2.5% and in WA it is typically 3%.

Selling Office Commission is the commission that is paid to the agent that is representing the buyer.

A property listed with ShopProp (We are the listing agent) where with permission from the seller we act as Dual Agent (represent the buyer and seller) the seller and buyer pay a total max of $2995($1,497.5 paid by seller and $1,497.5 paid by buyer) or 1% whichever is less.  Transparency and Less commission in a transaction means a better price for both the seller and buyer!

Even though as a seller you pay less commission if we act as dual agent this doesn’t stop you from offering a full buying commission of 2.5-3% in the MLS to the agent that represents the buyer. This way other agents will show and sell your home. It simply means if we happen to represent both the buyer and seller you commission is drastically reduced.

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“I am thankful that this service was available to us because listing with a traditional agent would not have been as profitable for us.”


“This was a great experience. Rob helped out with a very difficult agent on the other side of the transaction and made it work for us.”

Full Service

Technology has made it less expensive and easier to market, negotiate, and close real estate transactions. ShopProp passes the commission savings on to our clients! Unlike most agents, we don’t lock you into a contract or charge you any upfront fees.

Money Back in Your Pocket

To our buyers we provide a service where the public can buy real estate easily, efficiently, and compliantly at the best purchase price possible while sharing in the majority of our commission.
To sellers we provide a low-cost solution where the public can sell their property easily, efficiently, and compliantly for the highest price possible but at a fraction of the traditional full-commission cost.

Real Estate Investments

If you are looking for real estate investments we can help you find, analyze and acquire investment properties.
If you are looking for a more passive approach the investment side of our firm is OurCapitalGroup. We buy, sell and develop real estate on a short term basis in Orange County and the greater Seattle area to earn profits for us and our real estate investing partners.

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