Buyer FAQ

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, please reach out to us at 888-821-0556 or .

Simply start searching using our search tool or any other search tool on the net. All major firms have the same properties listed on them because all of us download from the MLS.
    If you have any question at all about builders, communities, disclosures, homes, price or anything else feel free to reach out to us 7 days a week.
      New Construction, Listing Agent and other Buyers Agent conduct– If you are buying new construction please make sure you or we have registered “ShopProp as your buyers agent on the first contact with the Agent on site or the builder may try to keep your commission. We may even have to accompany you on your first or second visit to the site for you to get the full commission back. On the first contact, it is a good idea to let other buyers agents and listing agents know you are working with another Agent.
      With ShopProp we will handle everything for you and answer any questions you have 7 days a week. With our firm there are only 3 activities you do with us that will reduce the commission you get back.
        Services are defined as:
        • Showings: every 1-2 showings (2 different addresses) = 1 service
        • Offers: every 1-3 offers (3 different addresses) = 1 service -This includes all counter offers and all paperwork needed to close.
        • Inspection= 1 service (Typically a buyer will want a professional inspector to inspect the property and 1 of our agents will need to attend the inspection which is a 3-4 hour process.)*
        • 1 service: ShopProp takes $1995 and gives you the rest. Example-$700,000 home purchase x 3% =$21,000 buying agent commission offered by the seller. Our buyer is given back $19,005.
        • 2 services: ShopProp takes $2995 and gives you the rest.
        • 3 services: ShopProp takes $3995 and gives you the rest. The max ShopProp ever takes for homes under $500,000 is $3995 of the commission and gives you back the rest.
        • 4 services or more: ShopProp takes $4995 and gives you the rest. The max ShopProp ever takes for homes over $500,000 is $4995 of the commission and gives you back the rest.
        • For homes over $700,000, the minimum we take of the commission is $2995 but includes 2 services. The maximum commission we take for homes under $700,000 is $3995 and for over $700,000 it’s $4995 regardless of how many services you have.
        • Example of unlimited services-If you buy a home for $1,000,000 and ShopProp is your buying agent and during the process, we provided you with unlimited services you would receive a rebate back of $25,005. $1,000,000 (purchase price of your home) x 3% (commission paid to the buyer’s agent)-$4995 (the most ShopProp ever takes of the commission) =$25,005 back in your pocket.
          What about lower priced homes? In a situation where the commission offered by the seller is less than the commission defined in the services section, 70% of the commission that is offered by the seller will go to ShopProp and 30% will be rebated to the buyer. Example: If you buy a $100,000 home and the seller is offering a commission of 3% ($3,000) and you hit unlimited services, ShopProp will only collect 70% of the 3% commission offered by the seller. $100,000 x 3% = $3,000-$2100(ShopProp’s Fee)=$900 paid to our client. Minimum commission in $995.
            Bonuses Brokerage firms can receive a bonus for buying multiple properties from a builder. An example of this might be if a firm represents 5 buyers on 5 different homes from a builder over the course of a year. The firm might, for example, receive a $1,000 bonus or an increased in commission beyond the stated commission in the MLS. Bonuses ShopProp receives are not considered part of the commission and will not be part of the rebate to buyers.
              Inspectors vary from inspector to inspector and the buyer is responsible for paying for inspectors and most inspections.
          Nope, the money we pay you is from the commission offered by the seller. ShopProp's share never exceeds the amount the seller is offering and we only get paid upon a successful close.
          Rebates can be used toward closing costs, prepaids, take it off the price of a home, pay down your loan principal or we can issue you a check after closing. All rebates should be disclosed to your lender.
          Please click on the following. You should always check with an accountant regarding tax advice.

          Internal Revenue link about Rebates

          The seller typically offers a commission to the buyer's agent and also pays a commission to their listing broker (sellers agent). When buying a home you as a buyer can receive most of the buyer's agent commission offered by the seller back which is typcially 2.5%-3% of the purchase price. Most buyers throw this money away.
            Remember you are going to have closing costs for example when you buy a home. This is money for escrow, title, and other fees charged by your lender. Your closing costs will typically run 1%-1.5%. With ShopProp our clients can use the rebate to cover these costs and in most cases have money left over!
            ShopProp has done thousands of real esate transactions and has been buying and selling homes since 2006. The ShopProp team is dedicated to educating themselves in every aspect of the Real Esate and Financial Markets so we can help you in every aspect of the home buying and selling process.
            It is important to remember that there are groups, agents, brokerage firms and organazions that have huge incentive to keep commissions high. One of the ways they do this is try to claim commission from buyers they don't represent. If you don't tell an agent very clearly that you have an agent you are working with us on first contact they could try and claim the commission. The way the industry is currently set up is the very arbitrators that decide whether you owe that agent commission or not, are the old school agents that are trying to keep commission high. So it is very important to protect yourself and your money by telling agents upfront that you are working with ShopProp and you have a buyers agent. Although it is unlikely we have seen corrupt arbitrators issue awards to other old school agents in an effort to run models like ours out of business. The good news is eventually as the public continues to use companies like ShopProp those corrupt oranazations will fall.