Buyer Steps

It's simple! You can buy your dream home at the best price without being coerced into paying high commission.

If you don’t use ShopProp you are essentially giving away 2.5%-3% of the sales price to an old school agent or even a Gimmick firm claiming have some new platform or technology. Remember when a property is listed for sale (including new construction) there is typically a 2.5-3% commission that is going to be paid to the agent that represents you. Our clients receive the majority of that commission back.

Rebates can be used toward closing costs, prepays, take it off the price of a home, pay down your loan principal or we can issue you a check after closing. All rebates should be disclosed to your lender.

New Construction, Listing Agent and other Buyers Agent conduct– If you are buying new construction please make sure you or we have registered “ShopProp  as your buyers agent on the first contact with the Agent on site or the builder may try to keep your commission. We may even have to accompany you on your first or second visit to the site for you to get the full commission back. On the first contact, it is a good idea to let other buyers agents and listing agents know you are working with another Agent.

Simple Steps to buying your home and sharing in the commission.

  1. Find a house you want to buy using the tools on our website or any other website.

  2. Call or email us 24 hours a day 7 days a week with any questions. If you are buying new construction remember to always register us on the first contact with the builder’s agent. If you don’t register us the builder may take part of the commission that you would be getting back.

  3. Drive by the properties you are interested in, visit open houses or call us to show you the property.

  4. When you find a home you are ready to make an offer on give us a call or email and we will:

  • Help you price the home. Do a Comparative Market Analysis for you.

  • Reach out to the listing agent or seller to check if there are any other offers on the property, what terms the other offers have and if the seller is looking for any special terms. Get the information back to you so you can make adjustments to your offer if you wish.

  • Help you decide on what terms to include in the offer.

  • When you are ready to submit the offer fill out our make an offer form .

  • We will draw up the paperwork and send it over to you for your electronic signatures.

  • When you have signed the offer we will open up negotiations with the listing agent/seller on your behalf.

  • Handle all counteroffers and paperwork.

  • Keep track of important timelines.

  • Schedule your inspection with the seller or listing agent.

  • Be present during the inspection process.

  • Negotiate repairs or credits

  • Help your loan officer get all appropriate documents for closing.

  • Get you the keys to your new home.

  • Send you a huge commission rebate 😊

We also negotiate the price down $400,000 for out client!

$165,000 commission back to the buyers of 6 Gondoliers blf Newport Coast CA 92657. The $165,000 would have gone into a full commission agents pocket.

This guarantee is not retroactive after the close.

since 2006* *We guarantee the most commission back when buying and the lowest commission paid when selling for like services advertised.


“I am thankful that this service was available to us because listing with a traditional agent would not have been as profitable for us.”


“This was a great experience. Rob helped out with a very difficult agent on the other side of the transaction and made it work for us.”

Full Service

Technology has made it less expensive and easier to market, negotiate, and close real estate transactions. ShopProp passes the commission savings on to our clients! Unlike most agents, we don’t lock you into a contract or charge you any upfront fees.

Money Back in Your Pocket

To our buyers we provide a service where the public can buy real estate easily, efficiently, and compliantly at the best purchase price possible while sharing in the majority of our commission.
To sellers we provide a low-cost solution where the public can sell their property easily, efficiently, and compliantly for the highest price possible but at a fraction of the traditional full-commission cost.

Real Estate Investments

If you are looking for real estate investments we can help you find, analyze and acquire investment properties.
If you are looking for a more passive approach the investment side of our firm is OurCapitalGroup. We buy, sell and develop real estate on a short term basis in Orange County and the greater Seattle area to earn profits for us and our real estate investing partners.

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