Commission Rebates

Did you know on a $700,000 home purchase the seller offers a commission to the buyers agent of $21,000 and with ShopProp the buyer can receive up to $19,005 of the commission?

You can be rebated a commission on any property, listed by any firm listed on any site. When a home is listed for sale the seller typically offers a 2.5-3% commission of the purchase price to the agent that represents the buyer.

At ShopProp clients are *GUARANTEED the largest buyer rebates in the industry. 

Example-If you are buying a $700,000 home and the seller is offering a 3% commission to the agent that represents the buyer this =$21,000 paid to the agent that represents you. ShopProp’s cut of the commission is $1,995 and  $19,005 is given back to YOU instead of going into an old school Agents Pocket!

Our fee is subtracted at closing, and the amount you get back varies by the number of services you require. If you don’t close on a home you don’t owe us anything regardless of the number of services we provided you.

Services are defined as: (Feel free to call or email us 7 days a week. Our email and phone support are free.)

  • Showings: every 1-2 showings (2 different addresses) = 1 service

  • Offers: every 1-3 offers (3 different addresses) = 1 service -This includes all counter offers and all paperwork needed to close.

  • Inspection= 1 service (Typically a buyer will want a professional inspector to inspect the property and 1 of our agents will need to attend the inspection which is a 3-4 hour process.)*

Pricing:  Every client is GUARANTEED commission back!*

  • 1 service: ShopProp takes $1995 and gives you the rest. Example-$700,000 home purchase x 3% =$21,000 buying agent commission offered by the seller. Our buyer is given back $19,005.

  • 2 services: ShopProp takes $2995 and gives you the rest.

  • 3 services: ShopProp takes $3995 and gives you the rest. The max ShopProp ever takes for homes under $500,000 is $3995 of the commission and gives you back the rest.

  • 4 services or more: ShopProp takes $4995 and gives you the rest. The max ShopProp ever takes for homes over $500,000 is $4995 of the commission and gives you back the rest.

  • For homes over $700,000, the minimum we take of the commission is $2995  but includes 2 services. The maximum commission we take for homes under $700,000 is $3995 and for over $700,000 it’s $4995 regardless of how many services you have.

The commission we collect is always deducted from what the seller is offering to pay the agent that represents the buyer.

If we wrote up 3 offers for you, one of our agents showed you 2 properties and one of our agents was with you for 1 inspection this would equal 3 services. (Any in-person meeting is considered a showing if it is not an inspection.)

Example of unlimited services-If you buy a home for $1,000,000 and ShopProp is your buying agent and during the process, we provided you with unlimited services you would receive a rebate back of $25,005. $1,000,000 (purchase price of your home)  x 3% (commission paid to the buyer’s agent)-$4995 (the most ShopProp ever takes of the commission) =$25,005 back in your pocket.

*What about lower priced homes? In a situation where the commission offered by the seller is less than the commission defined in the services section, 70% of the commission that is offered by the seller will go to ShopProp and 30% will be rebated to the buyer. Example: If you buy a $100,000 home and the seller is offering a commission of 3% ($3,000) and you hit unlimited services, ShopProp will only collect 70% of the 3% commission offered by the seller. $100,000 x 3% = $3,000-$2100(ShopProp’s Fee)=$900 paid to our client. Minimum commission in $995.

Bonuses Brokerage firms can receive a bonus for buying multiple properties from a builder. An example of this might be if a firm represents 5 buyers on 5 different homes from a builder over the course of a year. The firm might, for example, receive a $1,000 bonus or an increased in commission beyond the stated commission in the MLS. Bonuses ShopProp receives are not considered part of the commission and will not be part of the rebate to buyers.

*Inspectors vary from inspector to inspector and the buyer is responsible for paying for inspectors and most inspections.

Multiple Locations If you are buying multiple homes in a different location the services will be counted separately. Example: Buying a home in CA and also buying a home in WA at the same time.

The rebate schedule are for properties listed for sale on any site by any firm in CA, WA, AZ or HI.  Buy properties sellers have listed for sale with ShopProp Listings and receive up to 100% of the buying agent commission.

since 2006* *We guarantee the most commission back when buying and the lowest commission paid when selling for like services advertised and it is not retroactive after the close, after the first offer is written or after the home is listed for sale. For ShopProp listed properties where we operate as a dual agent please see Dual Agent Listings for pricing.

Example: If you sell your house for $500,000 and buy a new house for $500,000, you could save a total of $40,010.

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“I am thankful that this service was available to us because listing with a traditional agent would not have been as profitable for us.”


“This was a great experience. Rob helped out with a very difficult agent on the other side of the transaction and made it work for us.”

Full Service

Technology has made it less expensive and easier to market, negotiate, and close real estate transactions. ShopProp passes the commission savings on to our clients! Unlike most agents, we don’t lock you into a contract or charge you any upfront fees.

Money Back in Your Pocket

To our buyers we provide a service where the public can buy real estate easily, efficiently, and compliantly at the best purchase price possible while sharing in the majority of our commission.
To sellers we provide a low-cost solution where the public can sell their property easily, efficiently, and compliantly for the highest price possible but at a fraction of the traditional full-commission cost.

Real Estate Investments

If you are looking for real estate investments we can help you find, analyze and acquire investment properties.
If you are looking for a more passive approach the investment side of our firm is OurCapitalGroup. We buy, sell and develop real estate on a short term basis in Orange County and the greater Seattle area to earn profits for us and our real estate investing partners.

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