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In addition to the form please send us:

  • Your pre approval letter if getting a loan.
  • Proof of funds-Investment account or bank account with the account numbers blacked out.
  • A letter to the seller-A little about who you are and where you work.
  • Our rebates are posted on our site and you don't have to sign the Buyers Rebate Agreement for us and you to adhere to the terms and receive the rebate, but we provide a contract for those who feel more comfortable having one. Feel free to download, sign or take look at our Buyers Rebate Agreement HERE
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Please make sure to email us your proof of funds, pre approval letter if you are getting a loan and a letter (optional but ideal) to the seller about who you are and why you like the home.

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For your reference the best offer a seller can receive is the following:

  1. Highest Price
  2. Non contingent
  3. Large Earnest Money = to 5-10%+. You can also release the earnest money immediately to the seller upon acceptance.
  4. Letter to the Seller/Bio.
  5. All Cash with Proof of funds. If getting a loan the pre approval plus proof of down payment. Proof of funds=bank account or investment account with account numbers blacked out.