Seller FAQ

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, give us a call 7 days a week 1-888-821-0556

Most of our clients start out by filling out Request Property Value

We will send you a rough estimate of your home. Assuming you choose ShopProp Full or ShopProp Full Plus and the rough estimate roughly meets your expectation we will set up a viewing of your home in person by one of our team members (where availabe) or we can do a virtual tour. After the tour our team will have a pricing meeting and get back to you with a suggested list price. After you have decided on a price we will:
  • Send the listing agreement to you.
  • Schedule the photographer to come out.
  • Schedule the sign and lock box to be installed and dropped off.
  • Schedule the open house.
  • Set up listing/marketing and send you a rough draft for approval.
  • We usually go live on Wednesday.
  • Review offers and handle negotiations.
  • Handle all the paperwork and timelines through closing.
  • Continue to answer any questions or concerns post closing for you.
There are no upfront charges and our clients can cancel at anytime. If as a seller you want profesional photos take we can arrange to have a photographer for the photo shoot. Our sellers will pay that cost upfront directly to the photogapher and ShopProp will rebate up to $300 of that cost back at closing.
ShopProp Full+ or dual agency is when ShopPro list and markets your home for sale and the seller offers a commission to the buyers agent. This give you the most exposure because 98% of all homes that are sold have an agent involved. However unlike most brokers if ShopProp represents the buyer and you ShopProp does not collect the buyers agent commission. The listing fee simply increases $1,000.
    ShopProp's goal is to deliver you the highest price for your home and if that happens to be from a buyer in our network you as the seller do not pay the buyers agent commission.
      Even though as a seller you pay less commission if we act as dual agent this doesn’t stop you from offering a full buying commission of 2.5-3% in the MLS to the agent that represents the buyer. This way other agents will show and sell your home. It simply means if we happen to represent both the buyer and seller your commission is drastically reduced.
        It does not stop you from allowing the buyer to add the buying agent commission back in so they can use it for closing costs or take a check after close if allowed by their lender. This gives the buyer more options when buying your home.
          A perfect example of this is a home that we recently listed for $950,000. The seller offered a 3% commission to the agent representing the buyer. The offers we received from other agents were right around $920,000. Our seller wanted full price and eventually a buyer came direclty to ShopProp. The buyer offered $920,000 and the seller did not have to pay the 3% commission to the buyers agent. This enabled our seller to receive full price and the buyer to purchase the property under asking price.
          ShopProp will list your property in the MLS (multiple listing service) and over 1000 broker websites. Yes, you will be listed in sites like Redfin, Zillow, Remax, and every other brokerage site. Your home will be put in front of every agent searching for properties for their buyers. Plus you will be working with one of our managing brokers with 25+ year in the financial and real estate markets. ALL Real Estate Brokers Websites have the same properties listed on them? The reason why is because the data agreements state that if you download data from the MLS you have to download ALL properties that are listed in it. We list your property in the MLS in this is why it goes to the thousands fo brokerage sites in the world.
          The reality is most brokers overcharge their clients. 90% of listing that are sold have a different agent other than the listing agent representing the buyer. The listing agent did nothing to generate that buyer other than list the property for sale. The buyer or the buyers agent found the property regardless of the listing agent. Buyer a real estate is different than buying other products. A buyer is looking for a specific home in a specific area. With todays technology a home buyer or agent will find your home. Yes, you need to have great pictures, an agent that will follow up with agents and buyers and an agent who can negotiate and keep a deal together. ShopProp will deliver on all of these like we have done on thousands of transactions for other home sellers and buyers.
          ShopProp has done thousands of real esate transactions and has been buying and selling homes since 2006. The ShopProp team is dedicated to educating themselves in every aspect of the Real Esate and Financial Markets so we can help you in every aspect of the home buying and selling process.