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Yes, you will be listed on sites like Redfin, Zillow, Remax, and every other brokerage site. You will have your property in front of every agent searching for a property for their buyers. Plus work with our Managing Brokers that have 25 plus years in the financial and real estate markets that will get you top dollar for your home.

Per the National Association of Realtors, 95% of home buyers start their search online and 99% of them use a Realtor to write up the offer. With ShopProp you capture both segments of the market without paying a huge commission? Click here for the report

ShopProp Full

ShopProp will:

      1. Help you price your property –   Please feel free to fill out our CMA (current market analysis) form . ShopProp will send you a detailed analysis of what your house is worth and a suggested list price. Remember you can list at whatever price you wish with ShopProp. 95% of home searches now start online so simply by having your property listed in the MLS and other sites you will be hitting 95% of the buyers.
      2. Listing Your Property  ShopProp will list your property in the MLS (multiple listing service) and over 1000 broker websites. Yes, you will be listed in sites like Redfin, Zillow, Remax, and every other brokerage site. Your home will be put in front of every agent searching for properties for their buyers. Plus you will be working with one of our managing brokers with 25+ year in the financial and real estate markets.
      3. For sale signs and MLS Key Box – ShopProp will provide you with an MLS key box, install a “for sale” sign and provide you a flyer.
      4. Showing Your Home  If your home is vacant, licensed agents and ShopProp will access your home via our electronic key box that keeps track of every showing. If your home is not vacant, ShopProp and other licensed agents will call to schedule appointments when they have potential buyers that want to see your property. You can put the MLS key box out when you have a showing so licensed agents can access it. You can also show the property yourself to potential buyers.
      5. Analytics – We keep track of every hit your property receives from our online marketing as well as every showing. We will report to you on how your property is being received by the market.
      6. Receiving an Offer  You will be working with one of our Managing Brokers that will present you with any offers and help you with an appropriate counter offer to get you the best price possible.
      7. Timelines – ShopProp will handle all the timelines for you.
      8. Inspections and Closing – When you have accepted an offer on your property, a ShopProp agent will help you through the inspection and escrow process as well as handle the paperwork needed to finish the transaction.
      9.  What if ShopProp represents the buyer and the seller? If you give us permission to act as Dual Agent your TOTAL (sellers and buyers commission) max commission will be reduced $1995 for homes under $500,000 or $2995 for homes over $500,000.

Full Service without Full Commission

      • No upfront fees
      • 15 hours a day 7 days a week support
      • Professional Photos-We will schedule the photographer and our clients do pay this upfront directly to the photographer ($200-$300) but it is taken off the commission at closing when your home sells. Since we do credit our clients back the most we will credit back is $300.
      • Full-Service phone and email support 7 days a week, 8am-8pm. During the offer process, we don’t sleep until the deal is done!
      • Listing in MLS (multiple listing service)
      • Listing in Oodle, Google Base, Vast, Yahoo, HotPads, Trulia, Zillow, Geebo, OLX, Backpage, DotHomes and others .
      • Marketing your listing online
      • Flyer
      • Property sign installed by us
      • Key box
      • Open house-Where we have agents on the ground we will provide you with open houses. Our listings that are priced right usually sell in two weeks. FYI open houses do not sell your home. Agents generally speaking will use open houses to gather buyer leads. 96% of all home buyers start on line and if they want to see your home they can easily do this by contacting us or another agent. A buyer that is interested in your home will see it regardless if there is an open house. Also, on a vacant home, the home is easily accessible.
      • We will show your home even if the buyer has another agent- Old school agents will not do this. Call a typical listing and tell the listing agent you have another agent you are working with but would like to see their clients home. 90% of the time you will get the answer to contact your own agent. Even though the seller has hired this agent to sell their property, they won’t show it to a prospective buyer unless they are going to get paid both sides of the commission.
      • Flexible fees to make your home more attractive- If we represent the buyer and you on a transaction you can allow the buyer to add the Buyer’s Agent Commission back in and use it for closing costs, reduce the price or take a check after the close. Transparent, flexible smaller fees equal better prices. Buyers can elect to have any buyer’s agent represent them and collect the commission.


*Dual Agency is when we represent the buyer and seller on a transaction.

Did you know all Brokers Websites have the same properties listed on them? The reason why is because the data agreements state that if you download data from the MLS you have to download ALL properties that are listed in it. We list your property in the MLS in this is why it goes to every site.

*Selling Office Commission (SOC) – This is the commission that is paid to the agent that is representing the buyer. You decide on how much you want to offer to the agent that represents the buyer. Click here to learn more.

*We offer two Free open houses with each listing. For each additional open house, an additional $200 in commissions will be charged at closing up to the max we ever charge selling your home which is $4995.

since 2006* *We guarantee the most commission back when buying and the lowest commission paid when selling for like services advertised. The guarantee is not retroactive after the close, after the first offer is written or after the home is listed for sale.


“I am thankful that this service was available to us because listing with a traditional agent would not have been as profitable for us.”


“This was a great experience. Rob helped out with a very difficult agent on the other side of the transaction and made it work for us.”

Full Service

Technology has made it less expensive and easier to market, negotiate, and close real estate transactions. ShopProp passes the commission savings on to our clients! Unlike most agents, we don’t lock you into a contract or charge you any upfront fees.

Money Back in Your Pocket

To our buyers we provide a service where the public can buy real estate easily, efficiently, and compliantly at the best purchase price possible while sharing in the majority of our commission.
To sellers we provide a low-cost solution where the public can sell their property easily, efficiently, and compliantly for the highest price possible but at a fraction of the traditional full-commission cost.

Real Estate Investments

If you are looking for real estate investments we can help you find, analyze and acquire investment properties.
If you are looking for a more passive approach the investment side of our firm is OurCapitalGroup. We buy, sell and develop real estate on a short term basis in Orange County and the greater Seattle area to earn profits for us and our real estate investing partners.

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