Buyers Rebate Calculation


Commission offered by Seller

Purchase Price x 2.5% to 3% = When a property is listed for sale, the seller offers a commission to the agent representing the buyer. ShopProp takes a small share of the commission and rebates our buyers back the rest.



ShopProp's Share

ShopProp's Share = Homes under 700k= 1 service $1,995, 2 services $2,995, 3+ services $3995. Homes over 700k= 1-2 services $2,995, 3 services $3,995, 4+ services $4995. ShopProp's Share only goes up to the max based on the services you use below.



Paid to you instead of an Agent.

We will handle every aspect of the buying process for you. ShopProp's Share never exceeds $3995 for homes under 700k, $4995 for homes over $700k and never exceeds the commission offered by the seller.

We handle everything for our buyers. You can be rebated a commission on any property, listed by any firm listed on any site. When a home is listed for sale the seller typically offers a 2.5%-3% commission of the purchase price to the agent that represents the buyer. ShopProp gives you the majority of that commission back. We are only paid upon a successful close and ShopProp's Share never exceeds the amount offered by the seller.
How much will I be rebated as a buyer?   

Seller Savings Calculation


Traditional Agent commission

Traditional Listing Commission (typically 2.5% to 3% + buyers agent commission which is also typically 2.5-3% but you can offer whatever you choose with ShopProp.)



ShopProp's Commission

ShopProp Listing Fee is Free for ShopProp Free, $1995 for ShopProp Full for homes under 500k, $2995 for ShopProp Full for homes over 500k + buyer's agent commission and for ShopProp Full Plus $3995 (with ShopProp Full Plus you don't pay the buyer's agent commission).



Your Savings instead of an Agents Paycheck.

We will handle everything for you. Sit back, relax and let us get you top dollar for your home.

When Licensed Realtors sell their homes they list it on the MLS and offer a buyers agent commission because they know this is the best way to get the highest price possible. Listing in the MLS puts you in front of every buyer's agent and on every brokerage site in the nation. ShopProp is only paid upon a successful close and you can cancel at anytime.
How much will I save as a seller?