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Buyer Rebated

ShopProp = Buyer Rebated $19,505
Old School Agent = Buyer Rebated $0

Redfin = Buyer Rebated $2,250

Seller Saves

ShopProp = Seller Saves $41,005
Old School Agent = Seller Saves $0

Redfin = Seller Saves $11,250

Regardless of what most agents say, buying and selling a home can be a simple process!

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License #’s CA 01890638, WA 9004, AZ CO674161000, HI RB-22506, VI 0225239672, TX 756082 . Click to see what the US Department of Justice is saying about commission rebates to buyers and sellers and why they support it. * Commissions vary from state to state and from company to company and are estimated above with 3% being paid to the listing agent and 3% being paid to the selling agent. When you enter a transaction with ShopProp you will know your exact commission rebate and savings.


Everyone knows technology has made it less expensive to buy and sell real estate. It is our opinion that other firms and agents overcharge their clients. ShopProp is a privately held profitable company since 2006 and we are pofitable. Our pricing model we believe is a Win-Win for us and our clients. Our rebates and savings for home buyers and sellers are posted on our site and on our ShopProp Guarantee. You don't have to sign the ShopProp Agreement to receive the rebate and savings, but we provide a contract for those who feel more comfortable having one. Feel free to download, sign or take look at our Buyers Rebate Agreement HERE

There are no upfront or additional charges and our home buyers and sellers can cancel at anytime. For our home sellers if you wish to have profesional photos taken we will rebate you back up to $300 of the cost to take those photos at closing. If you need recomondations of profesional photographers in your area we have a list of pros we use.
Rebates can be used toward closing costs, prepaids, take it off the price of a home, pay down your loan principal or we can issue you a check after closing. All rebates should be disclosed to your lender.
Please click on the following. You should always check with an accountant regarding tax advice.

Internal Revenue link about Rebates

You can download a copy by clicking here. Feel free to fill in your details and send it back to us. You don't have to fill it out and send it back to receive your rebate but we know some clients like to have the agreeement for their file.